Firmware Finder for HUAWEI and HONOR

Display firmware from the database created by Firmware Finder and install them on Huawei and Honor devices (BEFORE EMUI8.1)

The application makes it possible: to see what firmware Vernod has posted to the server for distribution to your device; download or send to the System update the necessary firmware for installation.

Briefly about the birth of the project Firmware Finder: The project was born from the batch script written «on the knees» to search for other firmware in the folder with the firmware spied up by the sniffer. After some thought, gmanrainy and llibell (inside!out) decided to try to speed up the process, so an application appeared that accelerated the search hundreds of times and acquired an extensive base.

Android version features

  • Viewing and downloading firmware found with the PC version
  • Adding other devices to view their firmware
  • Verifying installation permissions
  • Installing firmware with a local proxy server
  • Installing Firmware with DNS Server
  • FAQ and instructions



gmanrainy by Team MT



The app is not available anymore