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Short description:
Changing the EMUI shell settings from Huawei without ROOT and not only that.

The main idea of ​​the application is to quickly adjust your phone to the familiar form and include, something that was previously unavailable.
The application makes a change to the settings database of the device, which are divided into three types: System, Secure and Global. From these databases, the system reads the status of the parameters. How it works? For example, you have enabled the Bluetooth switch in the Quick Settings, the Global setting in the bluetooth_on parameter is set to 1 and 0 if Bluetooth is turned off. In the same way, changes in the settings database change the state of the buttons, triggers, etc., and most importantly, the setting itself.

The ability to create partition images and the ability to flash images is realized. The possibility is limited by the presence of Root rights.

UI Language : RU/EN

Developers: llibell and gmanrainy by Team MT

There is a version for PC (built into the Huawei Multi-Tool)


4PDA Thread


Google Play | download Huawei Multi-Tool

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