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Sequel of the project HONOR 7 Multi-Tool

Allows you to execute the sequence of commands fastboot, adb and adb shell, helping you to perform many well-known operations without unnecessary gestures. The utility will help beginner owners to perform a bunch of complex operations for them, playfully, and for advanced users help in daily use. The potential of the utility is growing every day.

The utility’s functionality is divided into BASIC and ADVANCED. Basic have all supported devices. Advanced, only those whose full support is claimed.

Functionality :

• Auto-update to the current version (updates itself)
• Automatic selection of the utility language
• Running with the keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + M
• Proxy support with login and password
• Help function
• Installation of TWRP UB
Installing the recovery.img
Installing the boot.img
Installing the recovery2.img
• Getting ROOT UB
• Restart to Recovery mode
• Reboot to eRecovery mode
• Restart to Fastboot / Rescue mode
• Restart from Fastboot / Rescue mode
• Installing  Custom BOOT.img UB
• Installing Custom  recovery.img UB
• Installing Custom  eRecovery.img UB
• Flashing images from the firmware Boot, Cust, Recovery, eRecovery, System UB
• Unpacking images from the firmware cust, system
• Installing GAPPS
• Unlock / Lock bootloader
• Unbrick UB
• HiSuite Installation
• Installation of all drivers for Huawei devices
• Installing custom IMG files UB
Change vendor/country UB
• Enable hidden/disabled EMUI functions without Root.

UB — Unlocked bootloader

Operating system:
Windows Vista / 7 / 8.1 / 10 (for owners of antiquated Windows XP there is a version of HwMTminiXPE, opens automatically)
MAC OS — through Parallels.

English interface: Yes

Suppurt: Telegram(@Huawei_Multi_Tool) — Open Chat in Telegram, help with the utility and answers to common questions.



HONOR 7 Multi-Tool is EOL, please download version 8 

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