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Our team was created to develop new functionality and implement advanced features for Huawei and Honor phones.

We create for you Huawei Multi-Tool, Firmware FinderEMUI Theme Store, and EMUI Tweaker

Our team working on the project:

  • llibell (inside!out) — Chef control, development, support HUAWEI Multi-Tool / EMUI Tweaker PC, Honor 8 (FRD) / Honor 10 (COL)
  • gmanrainyFirmware Finder PC / Android, EMUI Theme Store / EMUI Tweaker Android.
  • redhaos — support for the Honor 5X  (KIW)/ Honor 8 Lite/Huawei P8 Lite 2017 (PRA), Honor 8 Pro (DUK) / Honor v10 (BKL) databases
  • wolfhound88 — Support P9 (EVA) / MATE 10 (ALP)/ MATE 10 PRO (BLA) databases
  • vovan1982 — HEX guru, Support  P10lite (WAS) // Honor 7X (BND) databases / Huawei P20  (EML)
  • greatslon — Support for modifications and TWRP, extended geocode database
  • rich32 — Support honor honor 5C (NEM)/ GT3 (NMO)/ Honor 9 (STF) databases
  • Cerg_83 — Support Huawei Nova(CAN/CAZ) /P9 Lite (VNS) / Huawei P20 Lite (ANE)
  • Dron-AGP — honor 6X (BLN) / Huawei GR5 2017 (BLL) /Huawei P Smart (FIG) databases
  • КабанчеГ — Huawei Mate 8 (NXT) / Mate 9 (MHA) /Mate 9 Pro (LON) /  P10 (VTR) / P10Plus (VKY) / Honor 8X (JSN)  databases
  • gaguga — The Main tester and helper in supporting the Honor 9 (STF)
  • Abbbat1985 — support for the Huawei Nova2i (RNE)  / Honor 9 Lite (LLD) databases.
  • Ryan Scott — Network and Server guru

Briefly about the origin of the Multi-Tool project:
Initially llibell (inside!out) worked alone, it all started with the translation and adaptation of the utility from VirusPlus (honor 6 / 6plus Multi-Tool in Honor 7 Multi-tool, it was in late 2015. Then it was not planned to spread the utility on XDA, the utility appeared in Russian When VirusPlus proposed to combine efforts and combine two utilities into one, it was laid out with a crooked translation.Thus the Honor Multi-Tool appeared.This was helped by the guys with XDA.There was support for 2 versions, Russian and English.
Later people from the 4PDA forum began to ask to make the utility for their models. One person without a handset is very difficult to adapt to another model. You need to have several people ready to help. Better yet, ready to work on the utility yourself. It is extremely important to start developing and adapting when the model is still new. Thanks to these people, we can present such a project as the HUAWEI Multi-Tool — uniting a lot of smartphones Huawei and Honor

Briefly about the birth of the project Firmware Finder:
The project was born from the batch script written «on the knees» to search for other firmware in the folder with the firmware spied up by the sniffer. After some thought, gmanrainy and llibell (inside!out) decided to try to speed up the process, so an application appeared that accelerated the search hundreds of times and acquired an extensive base.

Interview to the news channel Mundo Movicel — english version | spanish version

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